Video Projection:

Lightweeds: Living digital projections



I fell in love with Simon Heijdens’ light work many years ago, so was happy to recently rediscover it.

Lightweeds are a living digital organism growing in an indoor space. Uniquely generated plant families grow up, move and behave closely depending on actual sunshine, rainfall and wind as measured live outside. On passing human traffic they bend, loose their seeds and pollenate to other walls throughout the space, to make up a constantly evolving wallpaper that reveals the character of the space and it’s use.


One of his first works I saw that brought me joy was Tree, shown above. Simple and beautiful.

‘I’m absolutely not interested in instant reaction and press button interaction. I don’t want to animate, I want to make a project that is animated through its surroundings’ Heijdens says.

Super excellent augmented architecture projections

Outstanding augmented architecture work from Spanish outfit Playmodes in collaboration with Telenoika for the Ingravid Festival in Figueres, Girona. The video is a bit long, but contains some of the best augmented architecture work I’ve seen.

Projected fashion onto semi-naked girls

Chilean Lumina Motion have done some nice stuff here – a tridimensional video projection mapping the work of fashion designer Loreto Correa onto models and surrounding walls.