Rat traders


Michael Marcovici, an artist from Vienna, trains laboratory standard rats in trading in the Foreign Exchange and Commodity Futures markets to outperform some of the world’s leading Human Fund managers.Through the generation of ticker tracks – modulated sound generated from real-time price data – Marcovici’s rats were trained for 5 hours each day over a 3 month period, and rewarded and punished for correct and incorrect answers on guessing market fluctuations.

“Every day the rats were confronted with 100 different ticker tracks; the goal was to make them find out sound-patterns that humans are not able to recognize, and to predict the next market move after the last sound heard. Very soon it showed that some rats were doing outstandingly well: they developed a good ability to remember the patterns they were listening to …the training was almost finished; the performances of the top 4 rats had turned out to be comparable to those of the world’ s best fund managers. Their ability to recognize sound patterns generated from the market’s ticker tape was incredible. And the rat traders also hold another advantage: unlike their human counterparts, they are not likely to be distracted from news or economy fundamentals, their own personal or their bank’s financial status.”

This and many other great art projects at artmarcovici.com