Holiday QaRds 2011

Radarboy’s hand drawn QR code holiday postcards to sign off 2011.

Ring Pops

Sweet installation by Julia Chiang.

Big Cyr

Great van paintings by Kevin Cyr. Also currently has work at Mixed Greens in NY and 941 Geary in SF.

Abigail Reynolds The Universal Now


Relief sculptures using found photographs of the same place taken at different times. 

Light, Light, Tokyo Wonder


A beautiful minimal instillation by Japanese design studio Curiosity. Ping pong balls magically float in the air, suspended by jets of hot air, at variably lighted. Very nice indeed.

Says curiosity: “The installation is designed based on the idea of design freed from information, history and reference, a place of preserved time and apparent emptiness.

Design is about communication, the challenge of ‘Light-Light’ is to create a connection with a minimum of means. this language should transcend age, culture, history and genre using technology but make it disappear, enclosed in a space that would ultimatly vanish.

“Light-Light” gives the freedom to the visitor to be part of the installation as actor, able to interact, play, brake and recreate. it projects your own desire and dream into a vision where everything seems possible. ‘Light-Light’ is a place of discovery each individual create its own history when encounter the installation, from surprise to curiosity, from impact to intimacy. ‘Light-Light’ is a design liberated from shape and materiality only the experience remains.”

Check the video here:

Here’s a good idea of how it works, even if you don’t speak Japanese:

Check out Curiosity’s site for lots of other amazing stuff here.

Negative Space: Peter K. Koch

I’ve been thinking a lot about negative space lately, so was quite happy to come across the work of fellow Berliner Peter K. Koch.

negativ_1 negativ_2

six_4 six_8

Jonah Groeneboer string and wire minimalism



Interview in NY Arts Magazine

Johah Groeneboer at the Bellwether Gallery

Aakash Nihalani



Playful works from Aakash Nihalani. 

Marble Man


Amazing works by Italian sculptor Fabio Viale. Above is the polystyrene-like SOUVENIR GIOCONDA, but also check out the all marble boats, AHGALLA I and II.

Jason Hackenwerth’s balloon sculptures




I like the bit about the degradation of the sculptures in the movie:


Blu whose work has now become landmarks in Berlin, and a number of other cities, dishes up another piece of architectural animation loveliness in colloboration with David Ellis. Check it.

And here’s a making of the Berlin piece in Kreuzberg:

More Turns



Bill Sullivan’s “More Turns” is a fascinating collection of images of commuters as they pass through the turnstiles of a subway station.