Holiday QaRds 2011

Radarboy’s hand drawn QR code holiday postcards to sign off 2011.

Fast and Furious TShirt


Available from Skreened.

Cape Town Transport

I came across this yesterday – Capsule 02 – a project Gareth and I did ages ago which tells you about Cape Town Transport and other such stuff.

The content was distributed on a 1.44mb disk (mainly because they were cheap and deemed completely “unsuitable” for a magazine) and won numerous awards. I shudder at the navigation, but the content is still quite fun.

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Maak Gou Manne – Die Groot Beeker Kom

The Big Cup is coming to South Africa. Dress for success. Dress to impress.

Now available from the very fine MySoti Store

(* Headline translates roughly as: Hurry guys! The Big Cup is coming)

BNE Localized



Tired of meaningless BNE stickers plastered all over your hood? Time to localize…
Give them some local relevance┬áby just adding a letter, whether you’re in NY, London, Paris or Cape Town.

Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed at 85% horizontal scaling.

The Living Room – Sound Reactive TV

I’ve always been fascinated by the flickering light a TV gives off. I am also concerned with my art being experiential – to create a place for visitors to interact with, hang out and make their own. Thus the idea of The Living Room was born.

A TV remote control could be used to control the “channels” on the TV and hence the lighting of the room. The channels were actually various sound reactive applications running off a laptop. The computer was connected to an Arduino with an infra-red sensor to communicated with the remote control.

Featured was also a knitting channel which showed visitors how to knit, with wool and knitting needles provided.




The installation was part of the Mind The Box launch event held at the amazing Mind Pirates building in Kreuzberg Berlin.

T-ShirtMaker Ver. 4

But fear not. We will clothe you.
We’re happy to announce T-ShirtMaker Ver. 4 – the Berlin edition. Design your own custom pixel tee goodness.


Look to the Sky

My current work, Look to the Sky, is a contemplation of our thoughts as a broadcast medium across the sky and beyond. , is on display this week at Fabbrica del Vapore as part of Salone del Mobile 2010.

Look to the Sky was made possible through the kind assistance of Mind The Box, a Berlin association that promotes cultural inter-city exchange, and Process 4 Labs.

I have always been fascinated by space as a representation of the future and the hope that it inspires. Look to the Sky is a physical representation of our imagination and of our thoughts as they are broadcast across the sky and beyond.







Inspired by German abstract sculptor Norbert Krick and his Raumplastik series. 30m x 8m. Plastic wire, fishing line, light.

Pics courtesy of Mind The Box

Show and Tell, March No. 1

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Sound Reactive Circle 1

I’ve decided to start release some of the stuff I’ve been working on lately, building up towards my show. I have so many experiments sitting on my hard drive that never see the light of day.

So here we have Sound Reactive Circle 1.



I wanted it to be able to play in the browser, but for some reason couldn’t get it to work, event though I signed the applet. Next time….

A video is here. For more of my work see the radarboy FLickr page.

Here’s the code. Build in Processing. It includes a Mac, PC and Linux application.

Smuggling contraband into space

You may know that South African Mark Shuttleworth was the first African in space. But what I’m sure you didn’t know, is that the Afronaut is also the first space smuggler. Radarboy gives you the low down on how he did it and what contraband was taken:

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Model World

A small love story. Click here to view.