Digital Zoo

Digital Zoo

An exploration into the murky world of electronics and artificial life, the Digital Zoo was an installation held at the Stills Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edigburgh Festival.

Based on the concept of the Tamagotchi, the African Big Five of the digital Zoo, were born at a night of many free drinks, courtesy of our sponsors, lo-fi.org. The Zoo animals depended on physical interaction from visitors to the gallery, remote SMS feeding and general loving, from data pulled from their web to keep them alive. Visitors on the web could watch live webcam action of the Zoo animals going about their daily lives.

As art imitates real life, most people preferred to play with or abuse the digital prisoners rather than take on the responsible tasks like cleaning the poo out of their cages and giving them their medicine. And all five didn’t last even a week. Though, by that time the Radarboy team had already left the Moors and headed back to home, through the marvels of remote computing we were able to revive/rebirth the creatures to endure further abuse by the Scots and visiting American tourists. Today the digital elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo remain cryogenically frozen waiting to be resurrected when we have the time and an suitable offer to bring them back to life.

Documentation of the Zoo is here.

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