Light, Light, Tokyo Wonder


A beautiful minimal instillation by Japanese design studio Curiosity. Ping pong balls magically float in the air, suspended by jets of hot air, at variably lighted. Very nice indeed.

Says curiosity: “The installation is designed based on the idea of design freed from information, history and reference, a place of preserved time and apparent emptiness.

Design is about communication, the challenge of ‘Light-Light’ is to create a connection with a minimum of means. this language should transcend age, culture, history and genre using technology but make it disappear, enclosed in a space that would ultimatly vanish.

“Light-Light” gives the freedom to the visitor to be part of the installation as actor, able to interact, play, brake and recreate. it projects your own desire and dream into a vision where everything seems possible. ‘Light-Light’ is a place of discovery each individual create its own history when encounter the installation, from surprise to curiosity, from impact to intimacy. ‘Light-Light’ is a design liberated from shape and materiality only the experience remains.”

Check the video here:

Here’s a good idea of how it works, even if you don’t speak Japanese:

Check out Curiosity’s site for lots of other amazing stuff here.

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